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If you’re visiting the club as a guest, please keep a few things in mind:


  1. Remember to bring shoes specific to the court that you will be playing on: clay court or hard court. If you are wearing black or partially-black soled shoes, we will unfortunately not be able to allow you to play, as these shoes are damaging to the surface of the court. 
  2. Please wear proper tennis attire. Shirts must be worn at all times, and we do not allow cut-offs. We do not limit you to wearing white, and you are welcome to wear all colours.
  3. The member of whom you are a guest must be present and on court while you are playing.
  4. Please remember that there are other people playing tennis and using the fitness facilities. Put your cell phone on silent while you are using these areas. There are common areas around the club where you can make phone calls.
  5. Parking is available on-site for members and their guests. The lot is monitored by video, and parking is limited to a maximum of 4 hours.
  6. York Racquets has a cafe on-site. Food and beverage must be charged to the member's account. If you are here from another club for a league match, lunch will be provided.
  7. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact York Racquets at (416) 920-3355.




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